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30 years of continuous innovation and experience in the field, backed by dozens of international patents, have positioned SOGEXI as the preferred street lighting supplier. Specialist and French leader in electrical connection to outdoor lighting SOGEXI is also a major player, standing out from the crowd, in devices and solutions for energy and maintenance savings, with a range of electronic ballasts, LED drivers, light controllers and its remote management system.

Connecting & Protecting
Terminals & Protection devices
Junction boxes
Stainless steel cabinets

Equipments and accessories for the
installation and maintenance
of lampposts

Energy savings
Electronic ballasts
LED Drivers
V-Pak light point dimmer
Ferromagnetic control gears
Street Lighting Management
Energy & Maintenance savings
Night switch
Street lighting intelligent management
New BB Copak terminals
BB2 and BB3 Copak terminals incorporate all parameters of the new Copak range, in particular: new design, locking tab, wider wires-insertion cones....
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LOCKIT Anti-theft device for cables
Anti-theft device, positioned directly over the network cables...
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CF550 Ergonomic kneeling cushion
The new ergonomic cushion provides comfort and technicality to installers...
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With its new reinforced base, the new Securis-H also offers a handful for the passage of a chain or cord.
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